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GrifGrips Review

My friends at GrifGrips sent me a package last month with some of their most popular products. After using them awhile, I find them to be of high quality at a more affordable price than some of their competition. First I’ll tell you how the company got started then I’ll go more in depth on their products.

GrifGrips was born in the small southern city of Huntsville, Alabama after the Jordan’s son was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at the age of 9. Stephanie and her spouse co-founded GrifGrips as they worked to find a solution to keep their active 9 year old son’s CGM and Omnipod on. With some help from NASA engineers they created this product to do just that.

With 6 different types of patch adhesives you have bound to find a patch you like. The majority of the patches I tried were Power-X which they describe as “Power-X is created to be a low profile, comfortable material, this is a water resistant, micro porous rayon material. It is available in hundreds of fun patterns and shapes and offers a very thin option for long term wearables.”

I rate these patches a solid 4 out of 5 stars. I found these patches adhered very well and lasted most if not all of my 10 day Dexcom session. Check out some of the different designs they have below.